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One Land Many Faces

How to question European identity through an international experience made of workshops and performances ?
During summer 2015, a company of European artists representing many faces of the “old continent” will tour in Spain, UK, Germany, Belgium, France and Hungary.

All along this trip, they will share with european audiences their 2 year experience and invite everyone to elaborate possible answers on what we belong to, and what we want to become.

with texts from Jean Bofane (Belgium), Dan Friedman (USA), Kwang-lim Kim (South Korea),
Borbála Sebők (Hungary) and Andreas Wrosch (Germany)

Artistic Direction Bruno Freyssinet (France)
Musical Direction Michael Wolteche (Belgium)
Assistant Arthur Navellou (France)
European performing artists :
Pak Yan Lau (Belgium), Donna Males (United Kingdom),
Forbon N’Zakimuena (France), Iker Ortiz de Zarate (Spain),
Natasa Stork (Hungary), Jessica Walther-Gabory (Germany)

production La Transplanisphère (Fr.) / coproduction Maison de la Création (Bel.), Bildung und Integration (Ger.), Ortzai Teatro (Sp.), Sin Arts (Hun.), Volcano Theatre (UK), Institut Français (Fr.)

La Transplanisphère is in residency at Le Carreau du Temple, Paris
The project is supported by Culture programme - European Union) and Région Ile de France